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MemberPress – Concurrent subscriptions

Ignore subscription cancellations in cases where the member has another active subscription to the same product (i.e. a duplicate checkout, or failed initial payment),

Also, if a subscription is canceled and Remove Tags is checked, tags should not be removed if a member has another active membership that applies the same tags.

Completed Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements LevelUp Support shared this idea Updated: July 18, 2023

3 thoughts on “MemberPress – Concurrent subscriptions”

  1. Hi – this was my feature request but this isn’t an accurate description of what I’m requesting.

    In Memberpress when someone tries to join a membership but their payment fails or something else goes wrong with the transaction, a subscription is still created for them.

    This subscription is then later cancelled by Memberpress if no transactions are applied.

    We have a situation where a member had a couple of failed signups with Stripe for which a subscription was created, and then signed up successfully with Paypal (this created a second subscription)

    When the Stripe subscription was cancelled, WP Fusion applied the cancellation tags and they went through our cancellation automation, even though they had signed up successfully elsewhere.

    However, these two subscriptions were not active concurrently, (one was cancelled a couple of minutes before the other was activated) so checking for another active subscription would not have avoided this.

    What I am asking for is for cancelled subscriptions that contain no transactions (and therefore have never been real subscriptions) to avoid triggering the removal or addition of tags by WPFusion.

    This would also help us in cases where members have a failed signup and never successfully signup. As it stands, these members would also get the cancellation tags and if subscribed in ActiveCampaign they would go through our cancellation automation.


    1. Thanks for clarifying 🙂

      We’ll leave this up since it’s still a useful fix, but we’ve also come up with a solution for failed initial payments creating canceled subscriptions. I’ve replied to your ticket with the details.

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