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Pass More WooCommerce Customer Info

Would love to be able to pass more customer info to the CRMs such as customer total order value, number of orders placed, AOV. The data should already exist given it lives in the new Customer History section on each order.

Planned Category: Enhanced Ecommerce Robert Hemsing shared this idea Updated: February 27, 2024

3 thoughts on “Pass More WooCommerce Customer Info”

  1. This data isn’t actually stored anywhere at the moment. When you view the Customers list in WooCommerce, the LTV, AOV, and orders count are calculated on the fly for each customer based on the orders in the order table.

    We’ve held off on adding this to WP Fusion as it could be slow-ish to calculate the LTV if the customer has a lot of orders (or if there are a lot of total orders in the database).

    Folks might not realize that by enabling the field for sync, it introduces a potentially slow query, and that could show up in the MySQL error logs… which brings people to us saying, “WP Fusion is making my site slow” 😉

    That’s why at the moment we just support it via a snippet: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/filters/wpf_woocommerce_customer_data/#sync-the-customers-lifetime-value-to-a-custom-field

    But… we’re talking maybe a 0.2s delay to the checkout process to calculate the LTV, even with a lot of orders… which is pretty negligible compared to the time the API calls take. So we’ll accept this feature request and we’ll try and add it as an option, maybe with a tooltip or something to indicate it could be potentially slow 👍

    1. Yay – that’s great news 🙂 I think the tooltip explaining the slight delay is a good call. Otherwise – and I obviously don’t have much technical knowledge so this might be a really dumb question – but could the API call/CRM profile update run after the checkout, e.g. on the order confirmation page?

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