2.1 Released – Subscriptions Enhancements & More

WP Fusion 2.1 marks our first new feature release since 2.0 came out in March. We’ve added a bunch of optimizations and improvements under the hood, especially for our ActiveCampaign customers.

We’ve added a new settings group for those of you running WooCommerce Subscriptions (see the screenshot above). You can now apply a tag (or tags) in your CRM when a subscription is cancelled, put on hold, or expires. You can use these tags to trigger followup sequences on customers who’ve let their subscriptions lapse.

We’ve also added a new setting to the main settings tab, “Push All”. Selecting this option will cause WP Fusion to monitor all changes to user meta records, and sync them to your CRM if the field is enabled for sync. For most users this option can be left off, but for developers using functions like update_user_meta() this will allow them to trigger a WP Fusion sync even when the data wasn’t modified through user interaction.

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