Introducing…. MailerLite


With version 3.10 of WP Fusion, we’ve added support for MailerLite. Customers using MailerLite can now take advantage of all of WP Fusion’s features and plugin integrations, just like with our existing CRM integrations.

Read the About Us page at MailerLite for a bit more information about the company behind the product. I really enjoy that (like WP Fusion) MailerLite is a small bootstrapped company, and their only “investors” are their customers.


#What’s MailerLite like?

MailerLite is a really straightforward, nice looking, and easy to use CRM and marketing automation platform. Among our other integrations, its probably most similar to Drip in terms of features and interface.

It’s also super affordable, with a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, and a 15,000 subscriber package for only $35 a month (on a yearly plan).

Just like our other CRM integrations, MailerLite supports tagging subscribers (via Groups), custom fields, a visual automation builder, and sending webhooks back to your site to trigger importing or updating users on your WordPress site.


Visual automation builder with conditions
Subscriber view, with email engagement stats, groups, and contact details


#Is MailerLite right for me?

Some of MailerLite’s automation features are a bit limited compared to ActiveCampaign. They also don’t have built in ecommerce tracking like you’d find with a platform like Drip or AgileCRM. But with its ease of use and low price point, MailerLite is a great choice for a small business looking to keep track of their contacts and automate their marketing, without breaking the bank.


#Switching CRMs

We designed WP Fusion to connect to multiple marketing automation platforms in order to give you the ultimate in flexibility when building your membership site, learning platform, or ecommerce store. All online businesses, large and small, can benefit from marketing automation tools like MailerLite, and we think you should have the flexibility to choose a platform that fits your industry, needs, and budget.

Switching to MailerLite is easy with WP Fusion, as you can export all of your existing users from WordPress to your CRM, and tag them based on membership level, purchase history, course enrollment, and more.

6 thoughts on “Introducing…. MailerLite”

  1. Hi,
    I’m on MailerLite’s email newsletter and I must have completely missed them supporting tags which was the main thing they missed to compete with other systems.
    They should definitely promote the fact they support tags more widely.
    Great news.

      1. you’ll see a new field called Points Balance. But it is not work. When someone get the point, it will never sync to mailerlite. I do not know what is the reason

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