Tracking User Activity

#Tracking User Activity

WP Fusion includes many options for tracking user and customer engagement with your site by applying tags in your CRM. Most of those options are available via the various plugin integrations, but there are a few global options as well.

#Meta Box

The WP Fusion meta box that’s added to every post and page on your site includes an option to either apply or remove tags when that page is viewed.

This can be used to confirm when someone has viewed a page (like when a student starts a course), or to gauge interest in a piece of content by applying a tag after a delay— for example if a user looks at a product for longer than 10 seconds.

#Apply tags

In this example we’ve configured the page to apply the tag Webinar Interest if a user views the page for 10 seconds. This tag could then be used as a trigger to send a followup email from your CRM.

Note that if a page is restricted via WP Fusion, the tags will only be applied if the user has the correct permissions to view the page.

Note: The delay before applying tags relies on JavaScript, which means the tags will only be applied if the user stays on the page for the specified period of time. If they leave or reload the page, the timer will be reset.

#Remove tags

There is also an option for Remove tags when a user views this page. An example use case for this might be tagging someone as Profile Incomplete when they register on your site, and then removing that tag when they view their profile page.


You can specify a delay in milliseconds before any tags are applied or removed. In the screenshot above, 10,000 milliseconds equals 10 seconds.

#Category / term settings

In the same way that you can apply tags whenever a single post or page is viewed, you can also set up any taxonomy term on your site to apply tags when a post with that term is viewed. That can be Categories, Post Tags, or a custom taxonomy.

These settings are accessed by editing any individual taxonomy term.

In this example we have a post tag called “News”, and WP Fusion is configured to apply the tag Viewed Post in Category “News” whenever any post with that post tag is viewed.

For more information on the rest of these settings see the access control documentation.

#Click Tracking

WP Fusion includes an option where you can apply tags when a link, button, or any other HTML element is clicked. That’s covered in the Link Click Tracking documentation.

#Advanced Tracking

WP Fusion also includes a JavaScript API that lets you apply tags and sync data to your CRM with your own JavaScript code. Using this you can create more complex setups such as tagging people based on progress in a video player or based on a quiz score. That’s covered in the JavaScript API tutorial.

#Site tracking

With some CRMs that support page view tracking, WP Fusion bundles the scripts required to enable that functionality. When enabled, all page views are synced to your CRM. More info on that in the Site Tracking documentation.

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