WP Remote Users Sync


WP Remote Users Sync is a free plugin that allows you to synchronize WordPress users, user passwords, and login sessions securely between sites.

It is currently our recommended solution for synchronizing WordPress user accounts.

Using WP Fusion with WP Remote Users sync, your users’ CRM contact IDs and tags can automatically be synced directly between any configured sites. In many cases this can reduce the number of webhooks you need to configure in your CRM.


When configuring WP Remote Users sync, check the box for Metadata under both Outgoing Actions and Incoming Actions.

In the “List of metadata to transfer” dropdowns in both columns, begin typing the name of your connected CRM, and you’ll be prompted to select both the meta keys for {crm}_contact_id and {crm}_tags, like in the screenshot above.

With those two fields enabled, WP Fusion will watch for whenever a user’s tags are modified and sync these changes automatically to any other sites you have connected with WP Remote Users Sync.

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