Presto Player


WP Fusion integrates with Presto Player to allow for tracking media engagement in your CRM or marketing automation tool.

WP Fusion integrates with Presto Player in two ways.

#Media Tools

WP Fusion supports applying tags in your CRM based on video plays, progress, and completion with Presto Player.

WP Fusion’s Presto Player integration allows you to apply tags in your CRM based on engagement with videos on your site.

That functionality is enabled via the Media Tools Addon and is documented here.

#Event Tracking

Using the Event Tracking addon, you can track media activity as events in supported CRMs. This lets you view engagement in real time in your CRM’s activity feed.

Events can be configured in the global Event Tracking settings page, at Settings » Event Tracking.

The available triggers are:

  • Video Play: Triggered when a video is played.
  • Video Complete: Triggered when a video is completed (progress = 100%).

You can also configure event tracking on individual Presto Player videos in the Media Hub, via the WP Fusion Event Tracking metabox.

Events configured for single videos will take priority over any globally configured events (i.e. a Video Play event won’t be triggered twice for the same video).

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