LearnDash + WooCommerce

Using WP Fusion with LearnDash, you can automate and personalize your students’ journey using tags and automations in your CRM or marketing automation platform.

This gives you a super granular control over access to courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes, as well as letting you send engagement emails and SMS messages based on student progress, quiz attempts, last login date, and more.

Below you’ll find some common techniques our customers use on WooCommerce sites with LearnDash. The same concepts apply for any of our supported LMS systems, such as LifterLMS and eLearnCommerce.

#Abandoned Cart Tracking

Set up an abandoned cart sequence with WooCommerce and follow up on people who don’t complete checkout.

#Welcome new students

Create a welcome email sequence in your CRM after someone purchases a course. That would have a welcome email immediately after they purchase, but you can also drip feed supplemental material related to the course every day for a few days.

#Keep people engaged

A lot of people purchase courses and then don’t take them. It’s kind of an aspirational thing (like signing up for a gym membership and then not using it).

With WP Fusion you can tag a student in your CRM when they purchase a course with WooCommerce (or are enrolled in a LearnDash course).

You can also apply tags when a lesson or course is completed.

Using these tools together you can keep track of student activity inside your CRM, and re-engage students via email if they aren’t progressing.

The automation above runs when someone purchases, waits 3 days, and then checks to see if the student has completed the first 3 lessons. If they haven’t, then send them an encouraging email.

#Reach out to inactive members

If you have content that’s being updated over time, you might want to encourage people to come back to your site if they haven’t logged in for a while. WP Fusion’s Logins Addon allows you to apply a tag in your CRM when someone hasn’t logged in to your site for a certain period of time.

#Other ideas

Some other ideas that take a little bit more setup:

#Create personalized learning paths

Adapt your course content automatically based on tags in your CRM. For more information, see this tutorial.

#Send a course survey

After a course is completed by a student you could send them a link to complete a survey. Using one of WP Fusion’s supported form plugins the answers can be stored back to custom fields on their contact record in your CRM.

#Upsell customers on different courses or products

You could upsell people on other products X days after they’ve first purchased from you (or completed a course), either by sending them a WooCommerce coupon in an email from your CRM, or applying a tag to their contact record which unlocks an automatic discount.