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WP Amelia Integration

Add an integration with WP Amelia ( https://wpamelia.com/ )

Completed Category: CRM Integrations kmeister shared this idea Updated: February 21, 2024

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      1. Hey Glen,

        Yeah, webhooks let WP Amelia send data to external applications. “hooks” in the WordPress context allow us to add settings inside of other plugins. For example you can see how we add a settings panel in WooCommerce here: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce/woocommerce/#product-setup. That’s achieved via hooks, but since Amelia doesn’t have any hooks, that kind of integration isn’t possible.

        We do support several other great events plugins, check out Events under our Integrations list at https://wpfusion.com/documentation/#events

  1. Hello,

    I am interested too about an integration with WP Amelia.
    I can see in one of their support answer that they addes webhooks to make it possible :

    Yes, this is possible with Amelia. We don’t have direct integration with Mailchimp or Active Campaign but we have added Web Hooks to our plugin which you can use to connect our plugin with Zapier and then with Mailchimp or Active Campaign so you can send customer’s and appointment’s data after each booking action and also after canceling and/or rescheduling actions. More about our WebHooks and how to set the connection you can read here.

    Do you think in a near future this couls be compatible with WP fusion (a lot easier than Zapier)?

    1. Hi Silvia,

      They do have webhooks, which allow you to connect to external services, but they don’t have PHP hooks that would allow us to access WP Amelia data.

      For example we support Tribe Tickets, and you can see their developer docs here: https://docs.theeventscalendar.com/product/event-tickets/

      Tribe Tickets has 100’s of points where it allows other plugins to access Tribe data, called “actions” and “filters”. These allow WP Fusion to detect when a ticket has been purchased, what the ticket was, who the attendees were, etc etc., and sync all that data to your CRM.

      WP Amelia was designed without any of those hooks, and so it’s a black box, we can’t get any data out or detect when bookings have been made.

      They would have to add a developer API and then create documentation for it, and we could revisit this.

  2. Let’s not lose hope yet! (I too am hoping for a WPFusion integration on the horizon).

    While there is no exact ETA yet, I have seen several staff mention they are adding both front-end and back-end hooks along with an API in the coming months.

    Fingers crossed!

    What I’m not fully understanding is how AutomatorWP is *already* doing things like:
    – Books for an event > Add memberpress membership
    – Books an appointment > Add SliceWP_referral
    – Books for an event > Add a row to googlesheets

    SyncSpider also released an integration ~5 months ago. So access to Amelia data is already there to some extent.

    Anyway, once they release their API, bye-bye “black box” and hello… integration with WP Fusion? πŸ˜€

    1. I just checked out the latest Amelia 4.5.1, and also talked to Ruben at AutomatorWP about how they did it.
      ​Amelia has added two hooks. One when a WP user is registered (which WPF already detects), and another when a booking is inserted (“AmeliaBookingAddedBeforeNotify”).
      ​The second one is the one AutomatorWP is using for their integration (https://automatorwp.com/add-ons/ameliabooking/). Based on what I’m seeing, what we could do with this is:
      ​1. Sync guest Amelia registrations to the CRM
      ​2. Apply tags universally to anyone who makes a booking
      ​3. Sync the appointment date/time when a booking is made
      Because we can’t access the Amelia interfaces there would be no option to apply tags based on the type of booking, or the booking status, or payment status, or anything else like you get with our other booking plugins (like BookingWP https://wpfusion.com/documentation/events/woocommerce-appointments/).
      And we also couldn’t guarantee it would stay working. If it works for 6 months and then breaks again when they “add API”, we might decide it’s not worth continuing to maintain (similar to the decision we had to make with VooPlayer / Spotlightr).
      ​So… I’m trying to provide all the details so we don’t seem unreasonable πŸ˜€
      ​In my experience of doing this for ~6 years, when we try to do integrations with these kinds of plugins, it ends up frustrating for users (because they think it will work as well as the rest of our integrations, when it doesn’t), and it ends up frustrating for us because it keeps breaking. So far nobody at Amelia is interested in talking to us (we’ve tried), or interested in supporting 3rd party integrationsβ€” so we’d be on our own if something breaks.
      ​So… that’s why. But I’ll put the feature request back to Under Review and we can maybe revisit it when/if they add a real developer API and developer docs πŸ™‚

      1. basically just a +1 for your answer with a bit of explanation and an idea.

        I completely get your idea of a professional approach, when you start supporting a plugin.
        Before buying amelia I looked through your supported list for booking plugins and found none that could compare to amelia in all my needed aspects regarding user expierience.
        Therefore, I took the pill with the mess of synchronisation.
        What I am saying is, Amelia could broaden your list of booking plugins in a positive way.

        Hardest parts now are:
        – sync fields from woocommerce (or CRM) to amelia, especially mail
        – get customer bookings in the CRM for tagging
        – send news mails time specific to appointments (possible within Amelia, but then again – without tags)

        one idea:
        Maybe one approach could be to work on the webhook. Incoming Webhook for WPfusion is available, just the data format doesn’t match. Here is the end of my expertise, so thewebhook funcionality from Amelia to WPfusion is useless in my case.
        Webhook could work out for a oneway sync and solve one of the upper mentioned problems:
        – get customer bookings in the CRM for tagging

        Anyway, that were just my two cents and I will look out for a developer to get it working now. Maybe – in some time an integration WPfusion/Amelia will bring some more reliability in the workflow.

        1. Hey Christian,

          Yes webhooks seem like they will work for a solution in the meantime.

          Though, FYI, WP Fusion can only receive webhooks *from* your CRM, that’s because the only thing WP Fusion can read out of a webhook is the numeric contact ID of the CRM contact who triggered it.

          We then connect back to the CRM to load the contact’s data and tags over the API.

          But what you could do is connect Amelia to your CRM via Zapier, using the “catch a webhook” feature (https://zapier.com/help/create/code-webhooks/trigger-zaps-from-webhooks), and then send a webhook from your CRM to WP Fusion to load any updated tags. That would work fine and let you use WP Fusion’s tag-based access controls and other features based on appointment bookings in Amelia πŸ™‚

  3. Maybe it’s possible now?

    Version 6.7 (26.09.2023)
    Feature: REST APIs management- empowering developers to extend integrations and customize the booking process- This feature is available in developer license, for general information and REST APIs, please refer to our documentation

    1. The new REST API allows external applications to connect directly to Amelia. So for example Google Sheets could now ping Zapier to ping Amelia to insert a new appointment. That’s pretty great!

      But the plugin itself is still locked down. We’d like to add a setting here like “WP Fusion” where you could set up your tags and rules for that specific service https://i.wpfusion.com/fNslKN0f, but it’s not possible.

      By comparison, FluentBooking *launched* with a developer framework that lets us add feeds to any booking form, with custom fields and conditional logic: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/events/fluentbooking/

      The Amelia plugin itself doesn’t have any interfaces in that way.

      Since there is a lot of interest in this request…. I guess what we can do is add a standalone admin settings page like “WP Fusion – Amelia Integration”, where you can configure tags for each of your services.

      I prefer not to do it this way because it’s ugly and not always intuitive to find. But it’s better than nothing.

      We’ll get started on that and update this request when there’s progress (y)

  4. Definitely watching to see where this goes as I use Amelia on many sites!

    What you propose, Jack, may be ugly but all it needs to be is functional πŸ™‚

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