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WP Amelia Integration

Add an integration with WP Amelia ( https://wpamelia.com/ )

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5 thoughts on “WP Amelia Integration”

  1. Hello,

    I am interested too about an integration with WP Amelia.
    I can see in one of their support answer that they addes webhooks to make it possible :

    Yes, this is possible with Amelia. We don’t have direct integration with Mailchimp or Active Campaign but we have added Web Hooks to our plugin which you can use to connect our plugin with Zapier and then with Mailchimp or Active Campaign so you can send customer’s and appointment’s data after each booking action and also after canceling and/or rescheduling actions. More about our WebHooks and how to set the connection you can read here.

    Do you think in a near future this couls be compatible with WP fusion (a lot easier than Zapier)?

    1. Hi Silvia,

      They do have webhooks, which allow you to connect to external services, but they don’t have PHP hooks that would allow us to access WP Amelia data.

      For example we support Tribe Tickets, and you can see their developer docs here: https://docs.theeventscalendar.com/product/event-tickets/

      Tribe Tickets has 100’s of points where it allows other plugins to access Tribe data, called “actions” and “filters”. These allow WP Fusion to detect when a ticket has been purchased, what the ticket was, who the attendees were, etc etc., and sync all that data to your CRM.

      WP Amelia was designed without any of those hooks, and so it’s a black box, we can’t get any data out or detect when bookings have been made.

      They would have to add a developer API and then create documentation for it, and we could revisit this.

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