WP Fusion + Encharge Integration: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking for ways to connect your WordPress website with Encharge to automate marketing campaigns and customer engagement?

Today, we are pumped to announce that WP Fusion – the good old reliable WordPress integration tool – now allows integration between Encharge and WordPress with just a few clicks

In this post, you will learn how WP Fusion operates together and how you can use both tools to drive revenue growth and long-term business success.

#Quick Look at WP Fusion & Encharge


WP Fusion is a WordPress plugin that helps connect WordPress with various customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platforms like Encharge.

In other words, WP Fusion acts as a two-way communication channel between Encharge and WordPress, enabling seamless data exchange and automation.


As for Encharge, it’s a marketing automation software designed specifically for SaaS companies.

Its primary purpose is to nurture leads, convert them into paying customers, and seamlessly onboard new customers, ensuring a smooth customer experience and long-term business success.

#Benefits of WP Fusion + Encharge Integration

The main benefits of WP Fusion and Encharge integrations include:

Centralized Data Management: WP Fusion allows seamless synchronization of customer data between your WordPress website and Encharge. It ensures that all customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and subscription details, is kept up-to-date and accessible from a single location, streamlining your customer management processes.

Real-Time Data Updates: WP Fusion uses Encharge webhooks to update data whenever specific events or actions occur within the Encharge platform. Webhooks can trigger updates for events like the addition of new customers, customer information changes, subscription updates, and payments made, among other things. This helps maintain data consistency and enables timely responses to customer actions.

Customer Behaviour Insights: WP Fusion tracks events that occur in WordPress, and associates them with the corresponding customer in Encharge. This includes tracking subscription events (like creation, updates, renewals, and cancellations), payment events (successful and failed payments, refunds), and order events (new orders, order updates, fulfillment). This data provides a comprehensive view of each customer’s interactions, behaviors, and preferences.

By consolidating data from your WordPress website, and Encharge, you can gain deeper insights into customer behavior, subscription metrics, and sales trends. These data can inform your business decisions and help you optimize your marketing strategies, product offerings, and customer experience.

#WP Fusion + Encharge Integration Features

When you install WP Fusion on your WordPress website and connect the plugin to your Encharge account, it syncs all contact details (including user metadata and tags) bidirectionally between WordPress and Encharge.

Apart from the default contact fields (name, email, etc), the plugin also helps map and sync custom fields from WordPress to corresponding fields in Encharge ensuring that all customer data is accurately synchronized and maintained across platforms.

encharge field mapping
Map custom fields between WordPress and Encharge using WP Fusion.

After installation of the WP Fusion plugin, new users added to WordPress are automatically added to your Encharge account. Additionally, updates in Encharge can sync back to WordPress automatically. This is done using Encharge webhooks.

Going forward all updates to existing user metadata and tags in Encharge will reflect on your website.

WP Fusion’s site and event tracking features allow you to track how customers behave on your website and trigger workflows for pre-configured events in Encharge such as purchases, course progress, video engagement, form submissions, etc.

WP Fusion’s Event Tracking addon can send events from supported plugins to subscribers’ timelines in Encharge.

WP Fusion tracks the source of website visitors by detecting specific URL parameters, such as those used with Google Analytics (e.g., utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign). It then stores the visitor data as a cookie, which remains valid for 90 days. If the visitor later registers, makes purchases, or submits a form, the detected lead source can be synced to custom fields in Encharge.

WP Fusion’s lead source tracking can sync Analytics and other parameters to contact records in Encharge when they create an account or fill out a form on your site.

When WP Fusion is integrated with Encharge, it can utilize the tags assigned to users in Encharge to control access to content on the WordPress website. You can create members-only content areas, drip-fed access to content, and offer personalized listings of posts, pages, courses, etc to specific users based on Encharge tags and other criteria like login status.

WP Fusion lets you track engagement with external links, file downloads, or other buttons. The link click tracking feature lets you apply Encharge tags based on user interactions. This means when a user clicks on a link or interacts with a button, predefined Encharge tags are automatically applied or even removed in Encharge. This integration enables granular tracking of user engagement data, which can then be used to trigger an automated workflow for personalized user experience in Encharge.

#What’s Next?

Now that you know what WP Fusion and Encharge integration has to offer, might as well get started. We have a separate guide on how to connect WP Fusion with Encharge.

These documents will help you set up the WP Fusion and Encharge on your WordPress website: Encharge Webhooks and Encharge Event Tracking.

If you need more assistance follow the official help docs for WP Fusion and Encharge. You can also reach out to the support teams.

That’s it, folks! If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below!

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