How to Connect Encharge to WordPress


In this guide, you will learn how to install WP Fusion and set up a direct connection to integrate your WordPress website with your Encharge account.

To get started install and activate the WP Fusion plugin, then navigate to Settings » WP Fusion.

From the ‘Select Your CRM’ list choose ‘Encharge’.

Enter your API key, which can be found in your Encharge account here, and click Connect to initialize the connection.

Once the connection is completed, click Save Changes below to save the changes.

That’s it! Your site is connected, and new WordPress users and customers will automatically be synced with Encharge in real time.


Using webhooks in Encharge flows, you can automatically sync tag changes and contact updates from Encharge back to WordPress. You can even import new users based on Encharge contacts.

Configuring webhooks in Encharge

For more information, see the documentation on Encharge Webhooks.

#Site tracking

WP Fusion includes a copy of the Encharge tracking scripts, which can be enabled on the General settings tab.

WP Fusion's Encharge site tracking features

When site tracking is enabled, any new users, customers, or form submissions will automatically be identified to Encharge, and their page views will be tracked.

#Event tracking

A subscriber record in Encharge showing events added by WP Fusion
Events from WordPress appear on the subscriber’s activity timeline in real time. In this example, LearnDash course progress is shown.

WP Fusion’s Event Tracking Addon can send events in real time from supported plugins to Encharge. For more information, see the documentation.

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