Who is it for?

WP Fusion is built for anyone using Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Drip, or any other of our supported CRMs, and running their website with WordPress.

CRMs empower businesses of all sizes to track leads, send email broadcasts, manage contact data, track sales, delegate client relationships between employees, and more.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), and currently the most popular in the world. WordPress handles the public facing side of your business: your sales pages, ecommerce platform, support forums, photos and videos, and anything else you want the world to see.

But your CRM and WordPress don’t talk to each other.

Most CRMs include some simple tools for getting users into your contact database, like email signup forms, but once the user is added to your contact list your website forgets about it. For some websites this is fine, but for many businesses this isn’t enough.

This is where WP Fusion comes in.

WP Fusion creates a persistent link between each user on your site and contact records in your CRM. Users can be added as contacts when they register on your site, and events can be triggered based on future actions a user takes: like making a purchase, updating their profile, filling out a contact form, or visiting a page. You can use these triggers to segment customers, send emails, assigns sales reps, personalize content, and much more.

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