What can I do with it?

#Video Overview

#Run a membership site

WP Fusion offers an intuitive page locking system that can restrict access to any content on your site based on a user’s tags in your CRM. This lets you use your WordPress site to:

  • Sell online courses with LearnDash or LifterLMS
  • Create members-only discussion forums with bbPress
  • Create archives of downloadable material for members
  • And almost anything else you can think of

WP Fusion can intelligently redirect users to alternate pages on your site if they don’t have permission to access a given piece of content, or show a custom error message.


#Sync ecommerce data

WP Fusion includes deep ecommerce integrations with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and LifterLMS. Using our Enhanced Ecommerce addon you can sync a variety of data to supported CRMs, including:

  • Products purchased
  • Quantities
  • Taxes and shipping
  • Discounts
  • Invoices

This data can then be used in reports and to track lifetime value as well as trigger automations.

#Customize the user experience

WP Fusion synchronizes your customers’ CRM contact records with your WordPress users database. This means that all of your CRM contact data is accessible by any WordPress plugin.

We like using the Ultimate Member plugin for creating and managing custom user fields, as well as allowing users to update their profile data from within your WordPress site.

You can also use tags in your CRM to show and hide page content, with support for many of the most popular page builders and popup builders.

Imagine your customers coming back to your website and being greeted with a personalized message. WP Fusion can do that.

#Track and engage leads

WP Fusion has the ability to automatically apply tags to a contact when they visit a certain page on your site. You can even gauge their interest by setting a delay before the tag is applied.

For example, if a customer reads your product description page for more than three seconds, why not automatically send them an email with a special discount if they purchase now? WP Fusion can do that.

Using lead source tracking you can also keep track of UTM variables and referral URLs, and sync these to a your CRM when someone registers or makes a purchase.

#Keep WordPress sites in sync

Because WP Fusion can push user data to your CRM, and be configured to receive data automatically from your CRM, you can use WP Fusion to keep user accounts in sync across multiple sites.

With some simple configuration, you can use your CRM application as a central hub to keep user accounts on an unlimited number of WordPress installs synchronized, including user logins and passwords.

#Perform actions with user data

Because WP Fusion supports synchronizing any user metadata collected on your site, you can use a wide variety of WordPress plugins to collect  user data at registration, profile update, or when a form is submitted.

After the user has been registered, all data is passed through to your CRM, where you can use automations to apply tags, create tasks, set opportunity states, or send emails based on their provided data.

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