Is WP Fusion hard to use?

“Is WP Fusion hard to use?” That’s a question we get asked a lot.

The answer is yes, and no.

#Where it’s easy

When you first connect WP Fusion to your CRM, it will automatically configure itself based on the plugins you have installed on your site.

New users who register or customers who make a purchase will be added to your CRM as contact records with their name and email address, all automatically.

It’s a really easy, one-click solution to start syncing data from WordPress into your CRM.

#Where it gets hard

WP Fusion can connect a lot of different things between your CRM and across 70+ plugin integrations, and has a lot of advanced features that can be enabled.

As an example let’s say you want to:

  1. Create a opt-in form in Elementor Forms which adds a contact to ActiveCampaign
  2. Using Form Auto Login, the new lead is identified to both WP Fusion and the ActiveCampaign tracking script on form submission
  3. You require the lead to watch at least 15 minutes of a video on the next page to get free access to your course. WP Fusion Media Tools applies a tag to the lead in ActiveCampaign when they hit the right timecode
  4. This tag triggers an automation in ActiveCampaign which sends a webhook to WordPress, to create a new WordPress user account and generate a password
  5. Using a linked tag in a LearnDash course, the new user is automatically enrolled in the free course
  6. An automated email is sent from ActiveCampaign to the new student containing their login information

These kinds of setups are also possible with WP Fusion, and they can be super effective, but they necessarily require a lot more time and patience to set up.

You’d want to be comfortable with understanding how caching on your site might interfere with tracking guests, troubleshooting webhooks getting blocked by your firewall, reading the WP Fusion logs, and understanding how automations are processed in your marketing platform.

#Our advice

Our advice is to start with your goals. Figure out what you want to automate, what data is most valuable for you to track, and what’s going to make the biggest impact on your outcomes— whether that’s increasing member engagement, driving more sales, collecting more leads, or recovering more abandoned carts.

Then start slow with trying out new strategies and components one by one, and measuring their effectiveness.

The greatest frustration we see from customers is people who’ve turned on every setting and enabled every integration all at once. Suddenly people can’t log in, they’re getting un-enrolled from courses, or they’re getting unwanted emails.

With great power comes great responsibility. Go slow, and feel free to contact us at any time with any questions about your setup or strategy, we’re here for you.

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