Misc. FAQ

Can I generate an invoice / provide my VAT number?

Yes you can generate an invoice within your account area on our site. In the Purchases & Subscriptions section click Generate Invoice next to your order, and you’ll be able to provide your invoice details.

Does WP Fusion work on WordPress multisite?

Yes, WP Fusion works on multisite WordPress installs. It is installed and configured at the site level, not the network level.

Does WP Fusion work with Thrive products?

(Like Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, and Thrive Apprentice)

No. Thrive products are coded in such a way that they’re not able to be extended by other plugins, and so we’re not able to make WP Fusion work with them (we’ve tried).

As an alternative to Thrive Architect, check out Elementor. It’s a much more powerful page builder and has a deep integration with WP Fusion.

How do I use external shopping carts with WP Fusion?

Any external system that connects to your CRM, like ThriveCart or SamCart, can be used with WP Fusion. The principles are universal, but at right you can see an example workflow using Drip.

The purchase in ThriveCart triggers the automation. Then a tag is applied to the new subscriber. This is the tag that you will use to unlock content in WordPress. Or it can be used to trigger an automated enrollment in any of our supported membership or LMS plugins.

After the tag is applied, a webhook is sent to your site. This tells WP Fusion to create a new WordPress user and load their tags. WP Fusion generates a password and stores it back in a custom field in Drip.

The final step is sending a welcome email with the subscriber’s password included. When they log into your site, they’ll be able to access their content right away.