Using WP Fusion with BadgeOS, you can tag users when they earn a badge, allowing you to segment contacts in your CRM by earned achievements, as well as letting you trigger automated followup sequences when an achievement is earned.

#Linking Badges

By linking a badge with a tag, you can also automatically grant badges to users based on automations in your CRM. When the selected tag is applied to the contact, the user will be awarded the badge. Likewise, when the tag is removed, the badge will be removed.

#Syncing Points

WP Fusion also lets you sync a user’s earned points to your CRM. You can find the field “_badgeos_points” in the Contact Fields list. Just select a field in your CRM, and any changes to a user’s points will be synced automatically.

#Supercharge BadgeOS

This opens up countless new possibilities for making your user engagement system that more engaging: using conditions and rules in your CRM’s automation tools, you can award badges based on a customer’s total revenue, number of completed surveys, engagement with your media (using our Media Tools Addon) and so much more.

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