WP Courseware


WP Fusion integrates with WP Courseware to let you automatically enroll students in courses and track student progress using tags. You can find the settings for WP Fusion under WP Courseware >> WP Fusion in your WordPress admin.

WP Fusion’s integration with WP Courseware, available as a settings page under the WP Courseware header in the WordPress admin menu


From the settings page, you’ll see each of your courses and modules displayed in a table. For courses, there are three options:

  • Link Tag: This allows you to choose one tag that is “linked” with the course. When the tag is applied, the user will automatically be enrolled in the course. When the tag is removed, the user will be removed from the course.
  • Apply tags started: These tags are applied when a user is enrolled in a course
  • Apply tags completed:¬†These tags are applied when a course is marked complete

In addition, for each of your modules, you can specify a tag or tags to be applied when the module is marked complete.