Is it time to look at SureCart as a WooCommerce alternative?

In this review, we take a look at SureCart as a WooCommerce alternative for selling digital products and syncing customers with your email marketing tool via WP Fusion.

Let’s face it— WooCommerce is the undisputed king of ecommerce among WordPress websites. As of last estimate, it’s powering over six million stores.

We love WooCommerce at WP Fusion and have been using it extensively for years.

For collecting email optins, selling subscriptions, tracking event registrations, or visualizing rich order data in your sales CRM— WP Fusion has you covered.

WP Fusion connects WooCommerce itself and eighteen (and counting!) WooCommerce extensions to any one of 50+ CRMs and email marking systems. You could say we’re WooCommerce experts 🤓.

But, with all of that flexibility comes a lot of complexity, and we often see customers who are overwhelmed and frustrated by the process of setting up their first WooCommerce site.

#A first day with WooCommerce

Let’s look at a typical WP Fusion customer who might be new to WooCommerce. They have an email list in ActiveCampaign (or other marketing platform) that they have built up over many years.

They’re considering WordPress because they want to add a simple membership area or course for their subscribers, and they’re afraid of getting locked into a hosted platform like Kajabi or Thinkific.

They need a simple way to give their ActiveCampaign subscribers access to their membership content, as well as a way of selling access to new customers who want to join.

They sign up for a hosting service (like Cloudways) and in a few clicks, they’re looking at the admin of their new WooCommerce site. This is where things get complicated.

Let’s add a new product:

Input overload! 🤯

What are “tags”? What are “categories”? Why is it asking for weight and dimensions? Should I select Virtual, Downloadable, or both? How do I configure monthly billing?

Through a lot of research, trial, and error you might come to learn:

  • To take payments, you’ll need to install a payment gateway. WooCommerce Payments simplifies this, but the fee structure is complicated by what you are selling, and where
  • You can avoid some of these fees by buying and installing WooCommerce Subscriptions, at a cost of $239 a year
  • Do you need sales tax or VAT compliance? You’ll need to research a third-party service, each of which come with their own fees and are optimized for different markets
  • Want to add an SEO title or description? Good luck picking an SEO plugin

After configuring your store’s settings and publishing your first product, you visit the product page to see what the experience is like for real customers.

You click Purchase on your product and are taking to a shopping cart. Why does a membership product need a shopping cart?

By default, WooCommerce takes customers to the “shopping cart” before they can check out.

You reach the checkout and again— it’s input overload!

Why do I need to collect shipping information? Why does the sidebar show my recent blog posts?

These problems are again fixable with more addons:

This is all to say— WooCommerce is powerful, but it takes a lot of setup and customization just to make your first sale.

#Let’s take a look at SureCart

SureCart is a WooCommerce alternative that helps you get up and running with selling your digital (or physical products) in as few steps as possible.

SureCart’s editing experience is intuitive even for people who are new to ecommerce

Setup is painless. We click Add New and create a new product, enter the name, add a description and create a payment plan.

SureCart allows for multiple price plans per product, and can even let customers pay what they want— a great way to take donations

SureCart creates a one-click checkout link that takes customers to a conversion-optimized checkout screen— no extra fields or distractions.

SureCart comes with an attractive and conversion-optimized checkout out of the box. Just set your logo and color, and you’re ready to take payments!

This is all done with a single plugin— in just a few minutes you can be up and running.

Let’s go deeper into why SureCart might be a good WooCommerce alternative for you.

#Benefits of SureCart

Gone are the days of grappling with endless settings. SureCart takes the complexity out of e-commerce, allowing you to focus on what matters most—selling your products or services.

In just a few minutes you can be up and running with SureCart, without the need for a tech-savvy team or extensive customization.

SureCart’s simplicity doesn’t compromise its capabilities. It still offers essential e-commerce features like multiple built-in payment gateways, digital downloads, SEO-optimized product pages, coupons, and abandoned cart recovery.

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Whether you’re selling online courses, memberships, physical products, or taking donations— SureCart’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for both you and your customers.

SureCart’s built-in cart recovery features would require yet another paid addon with WooCommerce

What’s more, SureCart is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid the excessive fees and complexities often associated with e-commerce.

With WooCommerce, you might find yourself tangled in a web of payment gateway fees, subscription costs, and third-party services for sales tax or VAT compliance. SureCart, on the other hand, provides all of this functionality out of the box, ensuring that you keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Now, let’s circle back to our hypothetical WP Fusion customer who wanted to simplify their e-commerce experience.

With SureCart, they could have avoided the frustration of WooCommerce’s steep learning curve and endless addons. Instead, they’d be selling their courses or memberships effortlessly, all while connected to WP Fusion for enhanced CRM and marketing automation integration.

#How does WP Fusion work with SureCart?

WP Fusion includes a native SureCart integration that automatically syncs your customers in real time with your connected CRM or marketing automation platform as they check out on your store.

This works out of the box and requires no extra setup 🔥.

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In addition, WP Fusion integrates with the SureCart product editor to let you apply tags or lists in your CRM as customers check out on your store— letting you segment customers based on their product purchases.

WP Fusion allows you to configure your CRM integration directly from the SureCart product edit screen

Using WP Fusion’s tag-based content protection features, you can then easily unlock pages, courses, menu items, popups, and other content on your site.

Or, take advantage of SureCart’s growing list of integrations with popular plugins like:

  • BuddyBoss
  • LearnDash
  • LifterLMS
  • MemberPress
  • and SureMembers


In conclusion, while WooCommerce remains a powerhouse in e-commerce, it may not suit everyone’s needs, especially those looking for a straightforward solution without a lot of bells and whistles.

SureCart offers a compelling alternative for individuals and businesses seeking simplicity, speed, and a user-friendly approach to online selling.

So, if you’re tired of wrestling with WooCommerce’s intricacies and want a streamlined e-commerce experience, it might be time to look at SureCart as a WooCommerce alternative. Explore SureCart and WP Fusion through the links above, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Make the switch to SureCart, and simplify your WordPress e-commerce journey today!

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