HighLevel white-labelled accounts


When using a white-labelled HighLevel account, it’s not possible to authorize new apps using the “OAuth” authorization flow, which WP Fusion uses by default.

As a workaround, you can use API key-based authentication.

To start, follow this guide to find your HighLevel API key.

Then add the following code to the functions.php file of your current theme, or using a code snippets plugin.

add_filter( 'wpf_get_setting_highlevel_token', '__return_false' );

add_filter( 'wpf_get_setting_highlevel_api_key', function() {
	return 'XXXXXXX';
} );

Replace XXXXXX with your API key.

This will configure the connection with HighLevel using your API key instead of OAuth.


The API key-based authentication is only supported on the older V1 HighLevel API. This means you will not be able to update opportunities or lead sources.

Any new HighLevel features will be added to the V2 / OAuth API, and will not be available using API key-based authentication.

#White-labelling the CRM name in WP Fusion

It’s also possible to rename “HighLevel” within the WP Fusion UI. This can be achieved with the wp_fusion_init_crm action.

function wpf_whitelabel_crm( &$crm ) {
	$crm->name = 'Custom Name';

add_action( 'wp_fusion_init_crm', 'wpf_whitelabel_crm' );

This example changes the View in CRM links across the WP Fusion UI. The %s will be replaced by the contact ID of the relevant contact.

function wpf_rewrite_view_in_crm_links( &$crm ) {
	$crm->edit_url = 'https://app.mybrand.com/v2/location/' . $crm->location_id . '/contacts/detail/%s';
add_action( 'wp_fusion_init_crm', 'wpf_rewrite_view_in_crm_links' );

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