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With most marketing automation platforms, WP Fusion uses tags to segment your subscribers, trigger workflows, and control access to content in WordPress.

HubSpot doesn’t have tags, instead it has lists. When you connect WP Fusion to HubSpot, you will see the interfaces update to read “lists” instead of “tags”.

For example in the general settings here:

When connected to HubSpot (or Sendinblue, SendFox, MailJet), the WP Fusion interfaces update to read “Lists” instead of “Tags”

This is just a labeling difference— the functionality with WP Fusion is the same, and everything you see in our documentation works the same way with Lists as it does with Tags.

You can apply lists based on events in WordPress, and also use lists to restrict access to content.

#Active vs Static Lists

HubSpot is unique among our supported platforms in that it has two types of lists: Active Lists and Static Lists.

You can see the active lists marked as (read only) when viewing a user’s CRM lists in the admin.

The WP Fusion admin interfaces will indicate whether a list is Static or Active (aka read only)

What’s the difference?

  • Active lists: These lists are managed by HubSpot, based on the criteria you set when creating the list. As contacts meet the criteria, HubSpot will add them to the list. And when they no longer meet the criteria they will be removed from the list. You cannot manually add a contact to an Active list, and WP Fusion cannot add someone to an Active list over the API.
  • Static lists: These lists are not updated by HubSpot. You can add contacts to these lists manually, including over the API (via WP Fusion).

For a more detailed explanation, see the HubSpot documentation.

#How it works with WP Fusion

Because Active Lists are managed by HubSpot, they are “read only”, i.e. you can see if someone is on a list, but you cannot use WP Fusion to add someone to an active list, or you’ll get an error.

For that reason, Active lists can only be used for access control to your content. For example in the main WP Fusion meta box when editing any post or page:

Active lists cannot be selected anywhere that WP Fusion is going to apply those lists— for example as part of a product purchase, or course progress.

Trying to apply an active list over the API will result in an error saying “You cannot operate manually on an active list”.

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