WP Fusion integrates with the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0+ to let you control access to content based on a user’s logged-in status and CRM tags.

Basic usage

To get started, click on the + icon to add a new block, and select the WP Fusion block from the Layout Elements section.

The WP Fusion block will then be added to the content editor. Once the block appears, click on it and the block settings will appear in the sidebar.

The top section of the block is what will be shown if the user is logged in. You can also specify any tags that are required in the sidebar. If the user is not logged in, and does not have any of the specified tags, they will be shown the content in the bottom section.

You can type text directly into the block, or add any other block to the inner section by clicking the + icon.

Advanced usage

You can nest multiple WP Fusion blocks within eachother to create more complex access rules.

In the screenshot above, the message “Welcome back, membership customer!” will be shown to logged in users who have both of the tags “Customer” and “Purchased Membership”.

“Welcome back, one-time purchase customer!” will be shown if they just have the “Customer” tag.

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These features require a


license of WP Fusion