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Using WP Fusion you can track abandoned carts in WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, and other WordPress plugins, and follow up on them from HubSpot.

For an overview of abandoned cart tracking with WP Fusion in general, see Abandoned Cart Tracking Overview.

#HubSpot setup tutorial

First create a static list in HubSpot for tracking abandoned carts. In this case we’ll call it “Abandoned Cart”.

Then, in the WP Fusion settings, click Refresh Available Lists and Fields to load the new list into WordPress.

Make sure that the WP Fusion – Abandoned Cart Addon plugin is active. Then, From the Addons tab in the settings, select the new list in the Apply Lists dropdown.

#Syncing the cart recovery URL

In addition to adding contacts to a list when they abandon a cart, WP Fusion can also sync several cart details with HubSpot, including a cart recovery URL.

First, in HubSpot, create two new custom contact properties to store the total cart amount and recovery URL.

Then click Refresh Available Lists & Fields again in the WP Fusion settings to load the new properties into WP Fusion.

From the Contact Fields tab, under the WP Fusion Abandoned Cart header, select the corresponding custom field in HubSpot for each listed field to enable it for sync.

#Create the workflow

Next head to Workflows in HubSpot and create a new workflow. The trigger is going to be List Membership » Is a member of Abandoned Cart.

Then add a delay, in this example one day, and a condition.

WP Fusion will automatically remove the contact from the Abandoned Cart list when they complete checkout, so we can use their list membership to determine if the cart is still abandoned.

Then, under the Yes path, add a Set as marketing contact action so that we can send emails, and finally add the abandoned cart email.

Using personalization tags, you can merge in the contact’s name, cart value, and cart recovery URL.


To test the abandoned cart functionality, open an incognito browser window, add a product to your cart, and head to the checkout. Once you’ve entered your name and email address on the checkout, WP Fusion will sync the data to HubSpot, and assign the Abandoned Cart list.

The WP Fusion logs show any data being sent to HubSpot.

You can check the WP Fusion activity logs to see the data that’s being synced to HubSpot.

In HubSpot, the test contact has been added to the Abandoned Cart list.

And by setting the delay on the email to one minute instead of one day, we can also confirm that the cart recovery email is successfully sent.

Clicking the recovery link will take the customer back to your store, with their cart contents automatically restored, and the checkout pre-filled with the details from their HubSpot contact record.

And that’s it, you’ve created an abandoned cart recovery campaign using WP Fusion and HubSpot!

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