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Using WP Fusion you can track abandoned carts in WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, and other WordPress plugins, and follow up on them in ActiveCampaign.

There are two ways to do this, either via ActiveCampaign’s Deep Data API (Plus plans and higher), or using the older tag-based method.

#Deep Data API

The Deep Data API supports syncing the full cart contents to ActiveCampaign when a customer updates their cart in WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

To enable this feature check the box for Sync Carts from the Addons tab in the WP Fusion settings.

You can also specify the page the customer should be taken to when they click on the cart recovery link. The Current Page option can be used if you have multiple checkout pages (for example with CartFlows).

Note: With this method enabled it’s not necessary to use tags for tracking cart abandonment, and it’s not necessary to use a custom field for the recovery URL.

#Setup in ActiveCampaign

When a customer begins checking out a new cart will be created in ActiveCampaign, which will trigger an abandoned cart action. You can use this action as an entry point for your automation.

After the trigger, include a delay, and a condition to check if the customer completed checkout. If they haven’t you can send the abandoned cart followup email. Here’s the full automation:

ActiveCampaign includes a pre-built abandoned cart recovery email which is compatible with WP Fusion. You can also create your own email from scratch by adding an Abandoned Cart block to any email.

#How it looks

Your carts will automatically be synced to the associated contact in ActiveCampaign, and will appear in the WP Fusion Deep Data section on the contact record, with a status Abandoned.

If you’re using WP Fusion’s Enhanced Ecommerce Addon, carts will automatically be marked as Completed once the order is completed.

#Video – ActiveCampaign Abandoned Carts (Deep Data API)

#In emails

The customer’s cart contents will be merged into the recovery email, including product names, prices, and images.

When the customer clicks the Return to Checkout link they will be taken back to the checkout and their cart contents will be restored.


When a customer begins to check out you should see an entry appear on their activity stream in ActiveCampaign with the cart contents. This will appear on the sidebar when viewing the contact record.

If this entry doesn’t appear or you experience other unexpected behavior with abandoned cart tracking, please first turn on WP Fusion’s activity logs and begin a test checkout to trigger the abandoned cart actions.

The Abandoned Cart Addon will write detailed information to the logs, which you can include in your support ticket.

#Tag based method

This method is available for people who don’t want to use the Deep Data API or don’t have an ActiveCampaign Plus plan.

Check out how we use tag-based abandoned cart tracking with ActiveCampaign in this blog post.

#Setup in WordPress

First, go to the Addons tab under the WP Fusion settings and select a tag to be used for abandoned cart tracking. You use an existing tag, or type a new one into the box.


WP Fusion will automatically apply this tag to the user when checkout is begun, and the tag will be removed if checkout is completed successfully.

Next, log into your ActiveCamaign account and create a new Automation. The automation should be triggered when the “Abandoned Cart” tag is added. Add a timer (one hour is usually a good amount), and after the timer create a condition like in the picture below.


Anything under the “Yes” part of the condition will be run if the contact has begun checkout but hasn’t completed it within the specified time.

From here you can add the contact to a list, send an email, and/or create an internal task for further followup. See the image below for an overview of the entire automation.


#Recovery URLs

WP Fusion supports saving a customer’s abandoned cart in WooCommerce and syncing a recovery URL to ActiveCampaign, which can be sent in an email.

To set this up, click on the Contact Fields tab, and enable the Recovery URL field for sync by selecting a custom field in ActiveCampaign to store the data.

Then in your abandoned cart email, insert a link, using the merge field for the custom field containing the recovery URL.

Heads up: If you are using the recovery URL field in a button in an ActiveCampaign email, it’s recommended to turn off Google Analytics tracking on the email.

The reason is that the UTM parameters can get appended to the contact ID in the button, which causes the cart recovery not to work.

When the customer clicks the link in the email, they’ll be taken to the WooCommerce checkout with their cart contents restored.

#Video – Abandoned Cart ActiveCampaign (Tag Based)

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