Paid Memberships Pro


WP Fusion works with Paid Membership Pro to add customers to your CRM when they purchase a membership, and auto-enroll members when tags are applied in your CRM.

WP Fusion adds several settings to Paid Memberships Pro, which you can see while editing any membership level.


You can apply tags based on the level of membership purchased, as well as optionally apply tags when a membership is cancelled or the period expires. There are several options:

Apply Tags: When the customer purchases a membership, these tags will be applied in your CRM. This is the default behavior.

Remove Tags: If the membership is cancelled or changed, the tags specified in Apply Tags can automatically be removed.

Link with Tag: Most sites won’t require this, but it is available as an option for those that need it. This setting allows you to select a tag that becomes linked with the membership level. If this tag is applied to a contact, for example via a webhook, they will be automatically enrolled in the membership. Likewise if this tag is removed, they will be removed from the membership. This lets you automate individual users’ membership levels using sequences in your CRM in conjunction with webhooks / HTTP Posts.

Linked tags will also be applied and removed if a user is added to / removed from a membership.

Apply Tags – Cancelled: These tags will be applied if a membership is cancelled.

Apply Tags – Expired: For memberships with expiration dates, this option lets you apply tags when a membership expires, allowing you to trigger additional renewal followup automations.


Additional Meta Fields

WP Fusion allows you to sync certain internal Paid Memberships Pro fields that aren’t normally available as part of the WordPress user record. Under the Paid Memberships Pro section in the Contact Fields tab, you’ll see a few options.

  • Membership Level indicates the title of the member’s current membership level
  • Membership Status will either be “active” or “inactive” depending on their status
  • Payment Method is synced at checkout and indicates the payment gateway or payment method used to make a purchase
  • Start Date is the date the membership started
  • Expiration Date is the date of expiration for the membership (if it has an expiry date). You can use this in in conjunction with date-based triggers in your CRM to automate renewal reminders


Batch Operations

For members who registered for your site before you set up WP Fusion, we include a batch operations tool to bring those historical members up to date.

Running the Paid Memberships Pro members batch operation from the Advanced tab in WP Fusion will go through all members on your site and apply any tags you’ve configured for your membership levels.

It will also sync their membership level, status, and expiration date if you’ve enabled these fields.

Keep in mind this process can take some time to complete on sites with a large number of members. You can leave the page and come back later to check on the status.