Ninja Forms


WP Fusion integrates with Ninja Forms to save form submissions to your CRM or marketing automation system. Using WP Fusion you can add and update contacts when forms are submitted, and also apply tags.


After creating a form, navigate to the Emails & Actions section and click the blue plus icon to add a new action.

Select WP Fusion from the list, and click on the gear icon to open the WP Fusion configuration panel.

At the top you will see a setting for Apply Tags. Here you can enter a comma-separated list of tags to apply in your CRM when the form is submitted. You can use either tag labels or tag IDs.

Below you will see a field mapping interface. Click Add New to add a new field mapping. In the left column you’ll be able to select a field from your Ninja Form, and in the right column you’ll be able to select a corresponding field in your connected CRM.

Note: For guest (not logged-in) form entries to sync, you must have at least an email address field on the form and configured for sync.

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