WP Fusion includes an integration with SureMembers to allow you to apply tags in any one of 50+ CRMs and marketing automation systems based on membership levels, as well as automatically grant membership levels by applying tags in your CRM.

#Access Group settings

When editing any SureMembers access plan, you can access the WP Fusion settings from the WP Fusion meta box.

There are two settings. Apply Tags lets you select one or more tags that will be applied in your CRM when a user is added to the access group.

Link with Tag lets you select a tag that becomes “linked” with the group:

  • When a user is added to the group, the linked tag will be applied
  • When a user is removed from the group, the linked tag will be removed
  • When the tag is applied to a user, they will be added to the group
  • When the tag is removed from the user (or if the user doesn’t have the tag), they will be removed from the group

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