WP User Manager


WP Fusion integrates with the WP User Manager membership plugin, allowing you to sync user registrations and profile updates to your CRM or email marketing platform.

#Syncing custom fields

The primary WP User Manager fields and any fields you’ve created with WP User Manager’s Custom Contact Fields addon will appear under Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields, under the WP User Manager section header.

From here, you can associate the WP User Manager fields with custom fields in your CRM.

When a user registers or updates their profile via WP User Manager, their data will be synced automatically to your CRM.

#Defer until activation

WP User Manager’s User Verification addon allows you to require approval or email verification for all new users on your site. In some cases you may want to not send any data to your CRM until a new member is approved by an admin, or the user has confirmed their email address.

To enable this, go to Settings » WP Fusion » Integrations, and under the WP User Manager Integration header, check the box for Defer Until Activation.

When this is enabled, no data will be sent to your CRM until the new user has been approved by an administrator or confirmed their email.

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