Teams for WooCommerce Memberships


In addition to supporting WooCommerce Memberships, WP Fusion also includes support for the Teams for WooCommerce Memberships extension.


When this extension is active, an additional Team Membership section will appear on the WP Fusion panel when editing your team membership products.

There are two options:

  • Apply tags to team members: These tags will be applied in your CRM when a user is added to a team and accepts the invite
  • Remove tags: If this option is checked the original tags will be removed when members are removed from the team

Syncing team membership fields

WP Fusion adds a few “pseudo” fields for sync with Teams for WooCommerce Memberships. These are found at Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields » WooCommerce Memberships.

Those fields are:

  • Memberships for Team Role: This will contain the role of the member on the team (for example “member” or “owner”), and will be synced when a user joins a team or when their team role is changed.
  • Memberships for Teams Team Name: This value will be synced whenever a user joins a team, and will contain the name of that team. This can be used to create segments in your CRM based on individual team memberships.

Syncing historical data

WP Fusion includes a batch export tool for Teams for WooCommerce Memberships that that can retroactively sync team information to your CRM from before you installed WP Fusion.

This can be found at Settings » WP Fusion » Advanced » Batch Operations.

Select the WooCommerce Memberships for Teams team meta option and click the Create Background Task button to start the export.

For each member who is part of a team, WP Fusion will sync the team name and that member’s role in the team to the corresponding custom fields in your CRM.

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