Modern Events Calendar


WP Fusion includes an integration with Modern Events Calendar to sync event attendees to your CRM and apply tags when bookings are created.

#Ticket Setup

When editing any ticket in Modern Events Calendar, you’ll see two options added by WP Fusion. Note that if you’ve just created a new ticket you’ll need to save the event before the settings appear.

The settings are:

  • Apply Tags: These tags will be applied in your CRM when someone purchases the ticket.
  • Add Attendees: By default WP Fusion will just sync the first attendee to your CRM at checkout. Check this box to create a contact record and apply the selected tags for every attendee.

#Syncing Event Details

WP Fusion adds a few pseudo-fields related to the event, which can be synced to the contact record of the event attendee in your CRM. These can be enabled at Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields.

When someone registers for an event, the enabled fields will be synced to the corresponding custom fields in your CRM.


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