Modern Events Calendar


WP Fusion includes an integration with Modern Events Calendar to sync event attendees with any one of 50+ supported CRMs and marketing automation systems, as well as apply tags based on bookings, RSVPs, and event check-ins.

#Ticket Setup

When editing any ticket in Modern Events Calendar, you’ll see two options added by WP Fusion. Note that if you’ve just created a new ticket you’ll need to save the event before the settings appear.

The settings are:

  • Apply Tags: These tags will be applied in your CRM when someone purchases the ticket.
  • Add Attendees: By default WP Fusion will just sync the first attendee to your CRM at checkout. Check this box to create a contact record and apply the selected tags for every attendee.


If you’re using the RSVP addon for Modern Events Calendar, you will see a WP Fusion settings tab in the RSVP configuration metabox.

Here you can select tags to apply to people who RSVP for events. You can also optionally choose to sync each RSVP to a separate contact record in your CRM.

#Event Check-ins

The Ticket and Invoice Addon for Modern Events Calendar allows attendees to be checked into events, either via a QR code or by an admin.

When this addon is active you will see an additional setting on the ticket form for Apply Tags – Check In

Any tags selected here will be applied in your CRM when an attendee is checked in to the event.

In addition to applying tags, you also have the option to update custom fields in your CRM when someone is checked in to an event.

The two fields are:

  • Event Check-in: This is a true / false field that will be updated when someone is checked in to an event. It can populate a checkbox in your CRM.
  • Event Check-in – Event Name: This field will sync the name of the event when anyone is checked in to an event

#Syncing Event Details

WP Fusion adds a few pseudo-fields related to the event, which can be synced to the contact record of the event attendee in your CRM. These can be enabled at Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields.

When someone registers for an event, the enabled fields will be synced to the corresponding custom fields in your CRM.


If you’re using the Zoom Integration addon for Modern Events Calendar, WP Fusion allows you to sync the Zoom meeting details with custom fields in your CRM.

The available fields are:

  • Zoom Meeting ID: The ID of the Zoom meeting.
  • Zoom Meeting URL: The URL to join the Zoom meeting.
  • Zoom Meeting Password: The password to join the Zoom meeting (if applicable).

Any enabled fields will be synced to your CRM when a new booking is made to an event.

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