Event Espresso


WP Fusion integrates with Event Espresso to allow you to add contacts to your CRM of choice when they register for an event. You can also optionally apply tags based on the ticket used at registration.

Adding contacts

To sync new registrations to your CRM, head to Settings » WP Fusion and scroll down to the Event Espresso section on the Contact Fields tab.

For each Event Espresso field you can select a corresponding field in your CRM in which to store the data.

WP Fusion will detect any custom questions on your registration forms, and these can be synced to custom fields in your CRM as well.

If there are multiple attendees entered on the same registration form, these will be added as separate contacts.

Registration tagging

When editing any ticket for an event you can click the Advanced Settings gear to expand the advanced settings. Underneath the Event Datetimes section will be a tag select box for WP Fusion.

There are two settings:

  • Apply Tags – Pending: These tags will be applied to the attendee after they’ve submitted their details but before a payment has been made.
  • Apply Tags – Approved: These tags will be applied when a payment has been received or an attendee is manually approved.