AgileCRM Enhanced Ecommerce


WP Fusion’s Ecommerce Addon (available for Plus and Professional license holders) supports sending ecommerce transaction data to your AgileCRM account for sales made in:

#Getting Started

After you install the Ecommerce Addon (or update to the latest version), WP Fusion will load a list of all configured products in your AgileCRM account. When you go to configure a product in any of our supported plugins, you’ll see a new dropdown field where you can link a product on your store with a product already in your AgileCRM account.

If you don’t already have the products created in AgileCRM, don’t worry… WP Fusion will automatically create them for you at the time of checkout, based on the existing product details in WordPress. WP Fusion will intelligently detect variable products in WooCommerce and create additional AgileCRM products based on those variations.


#How it Works

When a customer checks out on your site, WP Fusion will create a new deal in AgileCRM with the products purchased, the quantities, and total sale value. This sale data will be tied to the contact record who made the purchase.

#How it Looks

Deal added to the “Won” column with order number and order value
Deal details with products purchased

#Video – Enhanced Ecommerce – AgileCRM

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