MailerLite Enhanced Ecommerce


WP Fusion’s Ecommerce Addon (available for Plus and Professional license holders) supports sending ecommerce transaction data to your MailerLite account for sales made in:

Using WP Fusion you can see real-time stats in MailerLite on the revenue from your campaigns and workflows, as well as track order counts and lifetime values for your subscribers.

#Getting Started

Install and activate the Ecommerce Addon, and make sure the MailerLite ecommerce campaign tracking script is enabled on your site.

You can either add this yourself, using Google Tag manager, or you can simply check the box for MailerLite Site Tracking from the General tab in the WP Fusion settings.

That’s it! Your new customers and orders will automatically be synced to MailerLite as they check out on your store.

#Additional settings

There are two additional settings on the Enhanced Ecommerce tab in the WP Fusion settings.

#Sync attributes

If you’re using a WooCommerce extension which attaches additional metadata to orders (i.e. WooCommerce Product Addons) and you wish to see this data in MailerLite, check the box for Sync Attributes.

On most stores this isn’t necessary.

#Sync product edits

By default, WP Fusion syncs your products with MailerLite as customers check out on your store. However, this means that you can only use a Product Content Block in an email with products that have already been purchased.

By enabling Sync Product Edits (with WooCommerce), WP Fusion will create and update products in MailerLite as they are published and edited in WooCommerce.

Products from your ecommerce shop or membership platform in WordPress can be displayed in dynamic MailerLite email blocks.

#How it works

When a customer checks out on your site, WP Fusion will create a new order in MailerLite with the products purchased, the quantities, and total sale value.

#How it looks

The basic level of integration will add two rows to the Subscriber Details panel showing your store name and the customer’s lifetime value and total orders count.

Any orders synced by any of WP Fusion’s ecommerce integrations will be used to update the lifetime values and total order counts on your subscribers’ records.

If you have enabled MailerLite site tracking, you can also use WP Fusion to track the ecommerce performance of your automations and campaigns.

First create an automation or campaign and ensure that E-commerce link tracking is enabled.

When a customer visits a link in the email to your store and makes a purchase, WP Fusion will attribute their order to that email.

You can then view the performance of your automation and campaign emails from the E-commerce Stats tab when editing any subscriber in MailerLite.

When the tracking script is enabled, you can view ecommerce performance from your automations and campaigns on subscribers in MailerLite.

You can also view the performance of individual campaigns by clicking the E-commerce tab when viewing any campaign report.

Revenue in WordPress generated by MailerLite campaign emails show up in the campaign’s E-commerce report.

#Products in emails

WP Fusion also makes your products and membership plans available for embedding into MailerLite emails.

To use this feature, open the visual email builder, add a product block, and click Add products from your store.

WP Fusion’s Enhanced Ecommerce integration with syncs your products into MailerLite so they can be embedded in emails.

A window will open showing all the products that WP Fusion has synced with MailerLite, and you can select them and embed them in your email.

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