Omnisend Event Tracking


Using WP Fusion you can track events from WordPress plugins in Omnisend— allowing you to track customer behavior on your site and trigger automations based on purchases, course progress, video engagement, form submissions, and more.

#How it works

You can configure events globally, or on individual courses, forms, and products.

Syncing events from BuddyBoss allows you to send additional details like the forum topic title, content, and group name (when someone joins a group).

Each event can contain a title, and any number of key/value pairs containing the event data.

In this example WooCommerce product purchases and new orders are configured to send events to Omnisend.

When an event is tracked in a supported plugin, it will be recorded to the WP Fusion activity logs, and sent to the corresponding person’s subscriber record in Omnisend.

WP Fusion’s event tracking with LearnDash supports course progress and quiz attempts.

Tracked events will then show up in that subscribers activity timeline, and can also be used as triggers and conditions in automations.

For more information on events in Omnisend, see the Omnisend documentation.

#How it looks

Events are displayed in the activity timeline on Omnisend subscriber records.

Custom events tracked by WP Fusion show up in each subscriber’s activity feed.

You can click on any event to expand it and see its properties.

Clicking Event Details shows the details for a specific event. These values can then be used in automations.

The properties in events can be used in automation triggers, and as conditions.

Custom events can be used as triggers in automations, and event properties can be used as conditions.

In this example, we’ve triggered a Quiz Attempt event whenever a quiz is attempted in LearnDash.

If the quiz score is less than 80 (%), an automatic email is triggered to the student asking if they need additional help.

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