Bento Event Tracking


Using WP Fusion you can track events from supported plugins in Bento.

#How it works

When an event is tracked in a supported plugin, it will be recorded to the WP Fusion activity logs, and sent to the corresponding person’s contact record in Bento.

Tracked events will then show up in that contact’s Events timeline.

#How it looks

Events are displayed on the Events timeline on Bento contact records.

Events can also be used as workflow triggers.

#Advanced usage

By default, the event Name will be synced to the Bento event property, and the Value property will be synced to event.details.val.

While WP Fusion doesn’t currently have a UI for it, Bento does support receiving multiple key/data pairs in a single event.

For more advanced usage, you can enter JSON into the Value input in the event editor. As long as a valid JSON string is entered, this will be sent in place of the default event.details payload.

This allows you to send multiple properties for a single event.

The “Name” will always be used as the Bento event.type.


In this example, a WooCommerce order is configured to send the order total, ID, and billing email.

The JSON string is

{ "total" : "${order:total}", "id" : "{order:id}", "email" : " {order:billing_email}" }

And in Bento this shows up like so:

By using a JSON string as the Value parameter for your event, you can send multiple key/value pairs to a single Bento event.

Or, in this example, a LearnDash quiz attempt is configured to send the quiz title and score.

The JSON string is

{ "title": "{quiz:title}", "score" : { "{quiz:percentage}" } }

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