Groundhogg Event Tracking


Using WP Fusion you can track events from supported plugins in Groundhogg, either on the same site, or on a remote site over the REST API.

The Event Tracking addon currently supports the following plugins:

Coming soon:
  • AffiliateWP
  • GiveWP

#How it works

When an event is tracked in a supported plugin, it will be recorded to the WP Fusion activity logs, and sent to the corresponding person’s contact record in Groundhogg CRM.

Tracked events will then show up in that contact’s Activity timeline, under the WP Fusion activity type.

#How it looks

Events are displayed on the Activity timeline on Groundhogg contact records.

Groundhogg event tracking
Events tracked by WP Fusion are shown on the Activity timeline on each person’s Groundhogg contact record.

Events can also be used as benchmarks or conditions, including the number of times the event happened, and the time period.

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These features require a


license of WP Fusion

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