ActiveCampaign Event Tracking


Using WP Fusion you can track events from supported plugins in ActiveCampaign.

For an overview of event tracking in ActiveCampaign in general, see this link.


To use event tracking in ActiveCampaign, it must first be enabled in your account.

Enable event tracking in ActiveCampaign
Event tracking in ActiveCampaign must be enabled before it can be used.

Head to Settings » Tracking, and click the toggle next to Event Tracking to enable it.

Note: After enabling Event Tracking, ActiveCampaign will display your Event Key. You don’t need this for WP Fusion, it’s only used when tracking events using custom code.

#How it works

When an event is tracked in a supported plugin, it will be recorded to the WP Fusion activity logs, and sent to the corresponding person’s contact record in ActiveCampaign.

Tracked events will then show up in that contact’s Activity timeline, on the right side of their contact record.

Heads up: ActiveCampaign only accepts alphanumeric characters, spaces, dashes, and underscores in event names. Any other special characters will be removed automatically by WP Fusion.

As an example:

  • Purchase – Membership = Good ✅
  • Purchase: Membership (Gold) = Will be changed to Purchase Membership Gold

#How it looks

Events are displayed on the Recent Activities timeline on the right side of the contact record.

ActiveCampaign event tracking
Events tracked by WP Fusion show up in the Activity timeline to the right of the contact record. In this case, we see two Gravity Form submissions.
Event Tracking Course Progress
In this example we can see course progress from a LearnDash course being tracked via events.

Events can also trigger automations. In this case we have an automation that’s triggered when a quiz is passed with a grade of 75% or higher.

Events can be used as automation triggers, optionally with event values

And events can be used as conditions in automations. This is especially powerful because you can perform logic on how many times the event has happened for that contact.

Events can be used in conditions in automations

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