Gifting for WooCommerce Subscriptions


In addition to supporting WooCommerce Subscriptions, WP Fusion also includes support for the Gifting for WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.

With this integration you can apply tags in your CRM to the recipient of a gifted WooCommerce subscription.


When this extension is active, additional options will appear on the WP Fusion tab when editing your subscription products.

These settings are:

  • Apply tags to recipient: Any tags specified here will be applied just to the recipient of the gifted subscription.
  • Remove tags: If selected, the Apply tags to recipient tags applied at purchase will be removed when the subscription is cancelled, put on hold, expired, or is switched.
  • Remove tags from customer: You can check this box to remove any tags specified in Apply tags to recipient from the customer who made the original purchase. This is useful if you’re using tags to grant access to content and only want the gift recipient to get access. Note that the tags will not be removed from the customer if that customer already has a separate active subscription to the same product.

For more information on how WP Fusion handles subscription statuses see the WooCommerce Subscriptions documentation.


This integration is a complicated by the fact that a WooCommerce checkout with a gifted subscription creates two users on your site:

  1. The customer who purchased the subscription, and who is responsible for managing the billing
  2. The gift recipient, who receives access to the purchased product

As such, two contact records will be created in your CRM, and both of them will be tagged.

#The customer

These tags are applied to the customer who made the purchase

The tags configured at the top of the settings are applied to the customer who made the purchase. If there is a payment failure on the subscription, the original customer would be tagged Payment Failed, and you could use that to send an email like “Your gifted subscription had a payment failure”.

#The gift recipient

These are the only tags that are applied to the gift recipient

After checkout, the gift recipient will only be tagged with the tags specified in the Apply tags to recipient setting. The gift recipient will not be tagged based on changes in the subscription status, since they aren’t responsible for billing.

If you are granting access to content using a tag, you can check Remove tags from customer, this will remove any tags that were applied to the gift recipient from the customer who made the purchase.

In our screenshots above, that means the customer who made the purchase would be tagged Subscription Purchased at checkout, and then this tag would be removed because the subscription was purchased as a gift. The gift recipient would then be tagged Gift Recipient and Subscription Purchased.

You can use this to ensure that only the gift recipient gets access to the purchased content, protected in this example by the Subscription Purchased tag.

#Gift recipient fields

By default, the only information WooCommerce collects about the gift recipient is their email address. WP Fusion will use this email address to create a contact record in your CRM, with no name or other details.

WooCommerce then sends the gift recipient an email asking them to complete their profile and shipping address, and WP Fusion will sync the updated profile information to the gift recipient’s contact record in your CRM at that time.

If you’d like to collect gift recipient details at checkout, you can prompt your customers to fill in shipping details for the gift recipient. By default this says “Ship to a different address?”, but this can be customized with a checkout editor plugin, for example to read “Address of the recipient“.

You can use a checkout editor plugin to prompt customers to enter the gift recipient’s details in the Shipping Address part of checkout.

In this case, the name and address entered in the Shipping Details section will be synced to the gift recipient’s contact record in your CRM.

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