WooCommerce Product Options


WP Fusion includes an integration with the WooCommerce Product Options addon by Barn2 Plugins.

This extension allows you to collect additional product information from your customers, such as desired sizes, colors, engravings, etc.

WooCommerce Product Options lets you collect additional options or preferences from your customers before they add a product to their cart.

WP Fusion’s integration can sync selected product options to custom fields in any one of 50+ CRMs and marketing automation systems.

You can then use these values in your emails, marketing, and as conditions in your automations.

In this example a customer’s request for a product customization creates a task, and sends a notification email + SMS (with ActiveCampaign).

For general information on syncing WooCommerce orders and customers with your CRM, see the WooCommerce documentation.

#Syncing addon values to your CRM

If you are collecting additional information from the customer in the form of text, date, checkbox, or dropdown addons, these fields will show up for sync under the WooCommerce Product Options header on the Contact Fields tab of the WP Fusion settings.

You can enable each field for sync by selecting a custom field in your CRM to store the data.

When a customer checks out on your WooCommerce store, the selected options will be synced to the selected custom fields in your CRM or email marketing tool.

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