EDD Recurring Payments


If you’re using the EDD Recurring Payments extension, WP Fusion provides additional options for applying tags based on changes in a user’s subscription status.

You can then use these tags to trigger automation sequences in your CRM to remind users to update their credit card information, offer discounts on subscription renewals, or anything else you like.

This functionality is in addition to the main Easy Digital Downloads integration.

#Product setup

WP Fusion adds a new settings metabox to all Easy Digital Downloads products where you can configure tags to be applied at purchase and based on subscription status.

The tags specified in the Apply Tags setting will be applied when someone purchases the subscription product, as well as when a subscription status changes to Active.

By checking Remove Tags you can remove the tags applied at purchase when a subscription is cancelled, completed, or expired. This is useful for revoking access to protected content when a subscription is cancelled.

You can also apply additional tags based on a change in the subscription status, allowing you to trigger followup sequences in your CRM when customers’ subscriptions are cancelled, put on hold, or expire.

If you allow free trials, the tags specified in Subscription in Trial will be applied when a new trial is created, in addition to the Apply Tags tags. If the subscription later converts to a paid subscription (the status changes from trialling to active) the tags specified in Trial Converted will be applied.

#Tags for price variations

For more granular control, WP Fusion also lets you apply tags when a subscription status changes for a specific price variation. See the screenshot below for an example.

#Syncing subscription fields

WP Fusion also lets you sync certain details about a customer’s active subscription to custom fields on their contact record.

This can be configured globally (i.e. a single set of fields for all products) at Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields.

WP Fusion can sync data from EDD subscriptions to custom fields or properties on contact records in your CRM

This can also be configured on individual downloads, for example if your customers have multiple concurrent subscriptions and you need to track the details in different custom fields.

When editing any recurring download product in EDD, you can map subscription details with custom fields in your CRM.

Those settings are visible in the WP Fusion meta box when editing any recurring download product.

The available fields are:

  • Subscription ID: The ID of the subscription
  • Subscription Status: The status of the subscription (‘pending’, ‘active’, ‘expired’, or ‘cancelled’)
  • Subscription Download Name: The name of the product the customer has subscribed to (in cases of multiple products it will be the first product on the order)
  • Subscription Start Date: The date the subscription started
  • Subscription End Date: The date the subscription will end
  • Subscription Trial End Date: The date the subscription’s trial period is scheduled to end (if applicable)
  • Next Payment Date: The date of the next scheduled renewal payment (will be updated with each successful renewal)

Any enabled fields will be synced to your CRM when a subscription is created, or a subscription status changes.

#Cancellation surveys

The EDD Cancellation Survey plugin allows you to collect additional information from your customers when they cancel their subscription.

WP Fusion can sync the cancellation reasons to the customer’s contact record in your CRM, so you can run reports or trigger additional automations (such as offering a reactivation discount, or notifying an admin).

To enable, simply enable the Cancellation Reason field for sync from the Contact Fields list in the WP Fusion settings.

#How it works

#Subscription status changes

WP Fusion will apply and remove tags depending on changes in a user’s subscription status. That logic works like:

  • If an active subscription is either set to Completed, Failing, or Expired, and Remove Tags is checked, the tags applied with the original purchase will be removed. This includes the tags applied for the price ID (if applicable).
  • If a subscription is in any non-active status (Completed, Failing, Expired etc.) and the status becomes Active again, the tags for all the other statuses will be removed. The tags applied with the original purchase will be re-applied if the user doesn’t already have those tags.
  • If a subscription changes between any two statuses that aren’t Active, the tags will be applied for the new status, but no tags will be removed.

#Tracking cancellations

Unlike WooCommerce Subscriptions, Easy Digital Downloads does not have a specific status for pending cancellation (i.e. a customer has cancelled their subscription, but still has time left before the next scheduled renewal).

WP Fusion’s functionality with subscription cancellations works as follows:

  • When a customer cancels their subscription, the tags specified for Subscription Cancelled will be applied immediately.
    • If Remove Tags is checked, the tags applied at checkout will not be removed.
  • Once the subscription’s next scheduled payment date passes (i.e. the subscription is fully cancelled and expired), the Subscription Expired tags will be applied.
    • If Remove Tags is checked, the tags applied at checkout will also be removed at this time.

This way you can use WP Fusion’s EDD Recurring Payments integration to grant access to content protected by CRM tags, without revoking access as soon as a customer cancels their subscription.

#Batch operations

WP Fusion includes two batch operations for EDD Recurring Payments, these can be found under Settings » WP Fusion » Advanced » Batch Operations.

These can be used to apply tags and update custom fields in your CRM in bulk for existing subscribers.

There are two options:

  • EDD Recurring Payments statuses: This operation applies tags in your CRM for every subscriber based on the tags configured for your download products, and the customer’s current subscription status. It does not sync any fields.
  • EDD Recurring Payments meta: Syncs the subscription product name, start date, status, and next renewal dates for all subscriptions. Does not modify any tags.

#Event Tracking

Using the Event Tracking addon, you can track Easy Digital Downloads product purchases and subscription status changes as events in supported CRMs.

Events can be configured in two places. On an individual download, in the WP Fusion metabox:

Or in the Event Tracking global settings:

The available triggers for event tracking with Easy Download Digitals are:

  • Purchased Download: Triggered each time a single download is purchased.
  • Downloaded Download: Triggered whenever a file from this download is downloaded.

When Recurring Payments is active, an additional trigger is available:

  • Subscription Status Changed: Triggered when a customer’s subscription status changes.

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