Event Tracking Changelog

#1.5.1 - 6/21/2024

  • Improved - Event tracking scripts and styles will now only be loaded on admin pages with event tracking settings on them
  • Improved - With the Gravity Forms integration, when using the {form:all_fields} merge tag, the event value will now be an array of all the form fields when using multi-key event tracking
  • Improved - Added a link back to the main settings page from the event tracking settings page
  • Fixed misaligned label on WooCommerce product settings
  • Fixed missing field label on WooCommerce Subscriptions subscription product events configuration
  • Fixed missing event preview on WooCommerce product settings with multi-key event tracking
  • Fixed JavaScript conflict with GravityPerks Limit Dates addon
  • Fixed global Gravity Forms events running on spam submissions
  • Fixed events configured on individual Gravity Forms being triggered twice
  • Fixed PHP warning "Attempt to read property "discount" on bool" when editing EDD downloads
  • Developers: added action wpf_event_tracking_track_event to allow passing events to other services

#1.5.0 - 3/26/2024

  • Added WooCommerce Order Status Changed event
  • Added subscription ID and parent order ID to WooCommerce Subscriptions events
  • Fixed fatal error when replacing merge tags on the User event type, when the user had array values in their meta
  • Fixed event test button trimming the last character off the event value
  • Fixed empty events sometimes getting sent and creating API errors
  • Fixed WooCommerce Subscriptions events syncing the parent order ID and parent order total rather than renewal payment ID and renewal payment total
  • Fixed empty event data getting saved to BuddyPress / BuddyBoss groups and blocking global events on those groups

#1.4.3 - 11/29/2023

  • Added payment fields with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Added overview text to global options page
  • Fixed multi-key previews getting appended to every event editor on the page when editing a single post or product
  • Fixed "Installed Update" event with Easy Digital Downloads recording the site URL of the last activated site, not necessarily the site where the update was installed

#1.4.2 - 10/24/2023

  • Added Send Test button to event editor
  • Refactored admin JavaScript
  • Fixed fatal error replacing merge tags with Bento and PHP 8+

#1.4.1 - 9/8/2023

  • Improved event editor layout on single WooCommerce products
  • Fixed missing "Order" event tags on WooCommerce product purchase triggers
  • Fixed global Purchased Product trigger (WooCommerce) not working
  • Fixed empty multi-key events getting saved to postmeta and showing up under Configured On in the global settings

#1.4.0 - 7/31/2023

  • Added multi-key/value event tracking to supported CRMs (Bento, Brevo, Engage, Gist, Groundhogg, Intercom, Klaviyo, and Mailchimp)
  • Added Course Start trigger for LearnDash
  • Added course progress (percentage) merge field for LearnDash
  • Added Course Start trigger for LifterLMS
  • Added course progress (percentage) merge field for LifterLMS
  • Added helper function wpf_track_event( $event_name, $event_data, $email_address );
  • Added Order Subtotal field with WooCommerce
  • Improved - Prices synced to Bento will now be multiplied by 100 to properly update lifetime values
  • Fixed LifterLMS lesson complete tracking not working
  • Fixed fatal error tracking Gamipress "Achievement earned" event

#1.3.1 - 12/2/2022

  • Fixed PHP warning tracking the EDD subscription status for new customers
  • Fixed {download:title} tag not working with EDD

#1.3.0 - 11/30/2022

  • Added EDD Recurring Payments integration
  • Improved - Added limit of 30 characters to Mailchimp event title field
  • Improved - Added link to event tracking settings from main WP Fusion settings page
  • Fixed LearnDash Course Progress event not firing when a course was completed

#1.2.6 - 8/25/2022

  • Fixed JavaScript error in the admin "wpfEventData is not defined"

#1.2.5 - 8/23/2022

  • Added a notice when the Event Name with ActiveCampaign exceeds 40 characters
  • Fixed fatal error loading settings page if no WP Fusion Gravity Forms feeds had been configured
  • Fixed fatal error on PHP 8+ when adding a new Gravity Forms feed
  • Fixed special characters being synced as HTML encoded with LearnDash course, lesson, and quiz titles

#1.2.4 - 4/7/2022

  • Improved - Will no longer trigger multiple events for a single LearnDash course progression (fixes issues with Uncanny autocomplete lesson and autocomplete course functionality)
  • Fixed fatal error in Presto Player integration (WPF_ET_Presto_Player does not have a method "add_meta_box()")

#1.2.3 - 3/8/2022

  • Fixed global events not firing if a post had an empty single event configured since 1.2.0
  • Fixed missing settings on EDD Downloads when EDD Software Licensing was active since 1.2.0

#1.2.1 - 3/8/2022

  • Fixed BuddyBoss profile completion widget not showing progress since 1.2.0

#1.2.0 - 3/7/2022

#1.1.2 - 1/19/2022

  • Improved - Made WooCommerce Purchased Product trigger available globally
  • Fixed global events not firing when there were single events bound to the same trigger
  • Fixed "Configured On" in global triggers not showing correct posts
  • Developers - All merge tags are now passed to the event editor via JavaScript

#1.1.1 - 1/5/2022

  • UX improvements to the global settings editor
  • Fixed current_url and referer fields not syncing
  • Fixed first option in global settings dropdown not selectable
  • Fixed Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method WPF_ET_WooCommerce::get_user_vars()
  • Developers - Refactored the way options (merge tags) are declared for each integration

#1.1.0 - 12/31/2021

  • Add User integration with Logged In trigger
  • Added current user merge tags to all triggers
  • Added global settings for Gravity Forms integration
  • Added {file:file} merge tag for EDD
  • Improved LearnDash progress tracking — no longer running on learndash_update_user_activity hook (was triggering duplicate events)
  • Improved - Moved LearnDash course settings to new WP Fusion settings tab
  • Removed quiz "score" in favor of "percentage" with LearnDash
  • Fixed fatal error adding new WooCommerce product
  • Fixed occasional empty duplicate events
  • Fixed EDD {file:name} merge tag not working
  • Fixed Downloaded Download trigger not showing in global settings

#1.0.1 - 12/2/2021

  • Added user merge tags to single course and product settings
  • Added descriptions beneath each trigger in the global settings
  • Fixed previews not loading when editing a single product
  • Fixed settings not showing on LifterLMS courses
  • Fixed dropdown options getting added multiple times on global settings when changing trigger

#1.0.0-beta1 - 11/30/2021

  • Initial release

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