Rethink how WordPress works for you

WP Fusion uses tags to link 62 WordPress plugins to your CRM, and to eachother.

Anything can apply a tag.

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Lesson Completion
  • ThriveCart Purchase
  • Gravity Form Submission
  • WooCommerce Purchase
  • First Login
  • MemberPress Registration
  • Page View

A tag can trigger anything else.

  • Course Enrollment
  • Change a User Role
  • Discount a Product
  • Set a Membership Level
  • Award an Achievement
  • Create a New User
  • Display a Message
  • Unlock Content

Your CRM acts as the brain.

  • Track Student Progress
  • Check Conditions
  • Send Email
  • Assign Sales Reps
  • Track Purchases
  • Wait Until Date
  • Drip Feed Content
  • Personalize Communication

Supported CRMs

WP Fusion supercharges your website

Your WordPress users are automatically kept in sync with their contact records in your CRM, ensuring you always have the most up to date information.

WP Fusion uses tags in your CRM to control access to content, as well as trigger automations.

WP Fusion uses tags from your CRM to lock pages within WordPress— creating simple to use membership websites which are very easy to manage. You can even automatically enroll members by applying tags in your CRM.

Integrates with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and many other plugins to tag contacts based on purchases. Fully supports subscriptions and can add/remove tags automatically if a payment fails.

WP Fusion integrates with LearnDash, LifterLMS, and other leading LMS systems to give you powerful options for managing your students and courses. Track student engagement, drip feed content, and more.

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WP Fusion is an open source plugin, and requires no additional software or server extensions to work.

A few of our happy customers

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I wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at WP Fusion for seeming to buck a current trend in software development...

On my site I, naturally, have a bunch of plugins, just a few of which are absolutely critical (WPF being one). Of those critical plugins, WPF is the only one that I actually trust the updates.

Of course with any software application unforeseen bugs will inevitably appear, but there is a current trend in which developers are more focused on rolling out new, untested features than they are about ensuring a stable product.

Two of the plugins I use, which are critical to the function of my site, constantly roll out updates which seem completely untested and leave a path of broken websites in their wake (for those who were foolish enough to update).

Now this isn't new of course, such things have always happened (particularly when the Sales dept has too much power over the Engineering dept) the difference is that while this was, in the past, considered a negative, today it is wholly embraced as a valid business strategy. (There's a name for this development model -where you release beta software as production and allow your user base to do your testing for you- but the name escapes me.)

Anyway thank you to the WPF team for actually testing your releases and supporting your customers. It's a surprisingly rare trait.


Jeremiah Wolfe
Therapeutic Journeys, LLC

I was working on fixing someone else's code issues when I decided that since my company was going to a Wordpress platform anyway I was going to start moving the site to Wordpress and start over. That is when I came across WPFusion.

It has not only excelled my process in setting up our company services, they have helped with anything and everything along the way (even to the point of adding features for my benefit).

If you have a Wordpress website and you use Infusionsoft drop the built in forms and pick up WPFusion there is SO MUCH more you can do.

Andrew Haberman
Express Modular

I use WP Fusion with ActiveCampaign and absolutely LOVE it.

I'm not a noob either. I say I love WP Fusion having spent the last 8yrs working solely on building memberships and subscription websites using most of the top rated WP membership plugins on the market.

Running a "membership" based off of assigned tags coming from AC is just insanely powerful and at the same time incredibly simple.

Highly, highly recommend it :)

Steve Dimmick

WP Fusion builds a critical bridge between our WooCommerce powered ecommerce site and LifterLMS powered training site to our CRM Active Campaign. It was easy to set up. The technical support is above and beyond anything I've ever seen. What it does is clearly intelligently designed and well built.

Chris Badgett

WPFusion is the glue between your email list and the tools you depend upon. It fills in the missing features in my LMS and Membership software and allows me to trigger events even when other tools don't let me. Without WPFusion, I couldn't serve my members like I do, with WPFusion, my finger is on the pulse!

Darryl Burling
Master New Testament Greek

Jack and the WP Fusion team are simply amazing. They are constantly developing solutions to problems I didn't even know I had. In the few cases I needed support, they were there with out of the box answers that always fit the bill. In one case, they even wrote a custom integration just for little old me! If you are on the fence about going with WP Fusion, now is the time to hop off. WP Fusion makes my life 400% easier and has transformed my customers experience.

Jason Abraham

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