How to Connect HighLevel to WordPress


In this video, you will learn how to install WP Fusion and set up a direct connection to your HighLevel account.

To get started install and activate the plugin, then navigate to Settings » WP Fusion.

From the ‘Select Your CRM’ dropdown choose ‘HighLevel’.

To enable the connection we need to ‘Authorize with HighLevel’ and generate access and refresh tokens for your website.

Select an ‘Account’

WP Fusion will now establish a direct connection to your HighLevel account and import your tags and custom fields.

To finalize the process click on ‘Save Changes’.

#Allow duplicate phone numbers

By default HighLevel does not allow two contacts to have the same phone number.

If you try to create a contact over the API, and another contact in HighLevel already has the same phone number, you will get an error This location does not allow duplicated contacts, and no data will be saved.

For this reason we recommend allowing duplicate contacts in HighLevel at Settings » Business Profile » Allow Duplicate Contact.

WP Fusion will always perform a lookup based on email address before creating a new contact, to ensure no duplicate contacts are created with the same email.

By allowing duplicate contacts in the settings, this will allow two contacts with different email addresses to have the same phone number (for example two members of an organization or household).

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