Easy Digital Downloads


When customers check out with Easy Digital Downloads, WP Fusion will automatically save their customer data to your CRM as a contact record.

You can also optionally specify tags to be applied when a download is purchased, allowing you to unlock content on your site or trigger followup sequences and other automations in your CRM.

Variable Pricing

You can also configure tags to be applied at purchase (or after a refund) for pricing variations.

If variable pricing is enabled, you can click “Show Advanced Settings” on any price to configure the WP Fusion settings for that variation. These tags will be applied in addition to the global Apply Tags tags for the download.


When an order is refunded in Easy Digital Downloads, the original tags applied at purchase will be removed, including the tags from price variations. You have the option to apply additional tags when an order is refunded.

Payment meta

WP Fusion adds a meta box to the sidebar of each EDD payment showing some additional data related to the sync with your CRM.

If the Enhanced Ecommerce addon is active, you’ll also see a status indication for whether or not an invoice was synced to your CRM, and the invoice ID.

To re-sync a single payment to your CRM, press the Process WP Fusion actions again button.

Syncing historical orders

If you already have an existing EDD store, you can use WP Fusion to sync all historical orders to your CRM.

First configure your products with any tags you’d like to be applied when purchased. Then navigate to Settings » WP Fusion » Advanced and scroll down to the Batch Operations section.

Select “Easy Digital Downloads orders” from the list of options, and click Create Background Task.

WP Fusion will go through all of your orders, adding / updating contacts as necessary, and tagging them based on the products purchased. A status bar will appear at the top of the page indicating the progress.

After each order is processed it will be locked by WP Fusion so it can’t be exported again, to prevent duplicate data from going to your CRM.

(Advanced) Unlocking orders for re-export

It may occasionally be necessary to export orders to your CRM a second time, for example if you’ve modified the tags configured on your products. By default WP Fusion will not process the same EDD payment twice, but there is a way to unlock those orders for re-export by visiting a special URL in the admin.

To unlock orders for re-export, go to the WP Fusion settings page and append &edd_reset_wpf_complete=true to the URL. For example:


You’ll see a message indicating that the wpf_complete meta key was removed from your orders.

Then you can export the orders again using the Easy Digital Downloads orders option under Batch Tools.

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