Plugin Integrations

These features require a


license of WP Fusion

Most of WP Fusion’s functionality is achieved via integration with other plugins. Depending on what plugins you have active on your site, different options for applying tags and syncing data will be available.

Not sure which plugins to choose for your project? Check out our recommendations.


Sync members with your CRM, segment them based on membership level, and trigger automations based on registration date, last login, subscription status changes, and other events.


Sync customers with your CRM and segment them based on product purchases and subscription statuses.

Learning Management

Sync students with your CRM and create engagement campaigns around enrollments, lesson progress, and quiz scores, while personalizing course content.

Forms and Lead Generation

Automatically create new contact records in your CRM when a form is submitted with any of the leading WordPress form plugins.

Page Builders

Show and hide elements in your page builder using tags and segments in your CRM.

Events, Tickets, and Bookings

Sync event details, venue, and attendees to your CRM and send date-based reminder and followup automations.


Sync customer language preferences to your CRM to personalize your email and SMS marketing.


Segment contacts in your CRM based on badges or points earned in WordPress, and automatically grant achievements using logic and workflows in your marketing automation tool.


Create members-only communities by protecting forums and topics using tags and segments in your CRM.


Sync affiliates with your CRM and trigger automations based on affiliate approvals and referrals.


Trigger actions in third-party services based on tag changes in WP Fusion.


Sync affiliate details with your CRM, trigger popups based on tags, sync users between sites, and more.


These features require a


license of WP Fusion

WP Fusion has six addon plugins that can be installed as needed for more advanced requirements. All current and future addons are available with our Plus license or higher, and can be downloaded from your account.

Abandoned Cart Tracking

The Abandoned Cart Tracking addon lets you track abandoned carts and capture customer information before checkout is completed. It works with all of our supported CRMs, we’ve also included some CRM-specific setup tutorials below.

Enhanced Ecommerce

The Enhanced Ecommerce addon lets you sync data from supported ecommerce plugins to your CRM as orders, invoices, or deals (in  CRMs with sales pipelines).

Event Tracking

The Event Tracking addon syncs activity and engagements from supported plugins to your CRM’s timeline or activity feed component.

Media Tools

The Media Tools addon lets you track user engagement with media on your site by applying tags in your CRM— based on starting, completing, and reaching specific timecodes within supported video players.


The Logins addon gives you tools for performing login redirects based on tags, as well as tracking login count and last login date in your CRM, and applying tags based on stale accounts.

Webhooks (Zapier)

The Webhooks addon (or Zapier addon) lets you sync data one-way to third party services based on events in WP Fusion.


The Downloads addon provides a very simple tag-based protection option for images and files uploaded to the WordPress media library.

User Roles

The User Roles addon allows applying CRM tags based on user roles, and automating user role changes using linked tags in your CRM.

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation, including common issues, troubleshooting techniques, and CRM-specific tutorials.

Webhooks and HTTP Posts

Webhooks enable a bidirectional sync between WP Fusion and your CRM. They let you automatically import new users based on workflows in your marketing automation tool, and keep tag and profile changes in sync, in real time.

Common Issues

Some common problems users encounter with WP Fusion, with troubleshooting information.

CRM Specific Docs

Information on features specific to certain CRMs, and known issues.

Developer Guides

WP Fusion was built with developers in mind. Almost any aspect of WP Fusion’s functionality can be modified via hooks. Some examples are listed here, and many more can be found in the code.



Filters allow you to modify the functionality of WP Fusion through code placed in your theme’s functions.php file.


Actions are triggered at certain points during WP Fusion’s operation. You can attach functions to these actions to run your own custom code at specific times.

Developer Tutorials

These tutorials cover some advanced ways to utilize WP Fusion’s API and internal functions. Knowledge of PHP and WordPress programming concepts required.